Heron Therapeutics

  • Size: 28,275 SF
  • Location: UTC
  • Requirement: Office/Lab

Heron Therapeutics HQ’s was in Redwood City and their executive offices were in San Diego.  Heron wanted to relocate their Redwood City lab/office to San Diego to consolidate their operations.  Heron’s FDA approval dragged out much longer than anticipated and their real estate program changed dramatically.  Once Heron received FDA approval, they wanted to be in a new building right away.  C&W Life Sciences was given less than three weeks to negotiate a new lease for Heron’s HQ’s.

With very limited options due to the low vacancy rate and specific need for a large amount of office space in relation to lab, the C&W GLSPG was able to secure a solution that achieved Heron’s timing and program needs.  This was one of the quickest transitions for a deal of this size range.


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