The JLABS Story

Melinda Richter had one mission, to figure out how to get the life sciences industry running like the start-ups in the tech industry. In January 2012, after a few years of work, Richter joined with Johnson & Johnson to open the first JLABS location right here in San Diego. Since, JLABS has seen companies like San Diego based Arcturus receive a $13 million round of funding after only 7 months of lab work. Arcturus, like many other companies who started at JLABS, started with only an idea and neither a product or data behind it. Since initial funding, Arcturus has signed almost $2 billion in collaborations with Janssen Pharma., Ultragenyx Pharma., and Takeda Pharma.

Today, over 5 years since the first San Diego location JLABS has grown to become known for their innovative and collaborative environment. In 2017, 72 new companies will be coming on board at their now 7 various locations. Also, in 2018, a brand new 30,000 square foot facility will be introduced at the New Yok Genome Center.

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