Market Intelligence

Make the smartest real estate decisions for your organization based on our detailed and multi-leveled understanding of the San Diego biotechnology community. Whether you’re small or large, C&W LSAG can give you unparalleled insight into every square foot of laboratory facilities in the county.

Since co-founding BIOCOM—the USA’s second-largest biomedical industry organization—we’ve helped support innovation and prosperity in Southern California. Through this close involvement, we’re able to maintain a detailed knowledge of local bio-pharmaceutical developments and real estate opportunities. We further supplement our market intelligence through CONNECT, SDEE and the San Diego Venture Group.

Draw from our team’s knowledge and negotiating power to secure the best possible terms on your next laboratory space.


Your C&W LSAG team will comprise the most knowledgeable and respected life science real estate brokers in San Diego. Our people are sought-after speakers and authors on the evolution of biosciences real estate. They also serve on a variety of boards, such as BIOCOM, The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, the Ruben H. Fleet Science Museum, The American Liver Foundation, San Diego Innovation Center and San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange.

  • Expertise: Strategic advisory, lease negotiation/renewals, build-to-suits, bridge space, speculative space, and sale/leasebacks, specifically within the life science industry.
  • Client Services: Complimentary services including tenant representation, occupancy cost analysis, market analysis, lab needs assessment, lease review/audit, aerial/mapping, budgetary review/support, lease alternative review, sale-vs-lease analyses and financial modeling.
  • Key Geography: C&W LSAG can represent your interests from coast to coast and around the world. We have members in every major global life science market, with 234 offices in 61 countries and more than 13,000 employees waiting to support everyone, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.